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皇冠约克内墙漆迎来辉煌 70 周年!


今年是皇冠约克内墙漆面世的 70 周年,皇冠约克内墙漆是芬兰备受欢迎的内墙涂料,历史可以追溯到 1953 年,当时 PPG Tikkurila(原 Schildt & Hallberg Ab)在涂料市场上推出了家用的水性皇冠约克内墙漆。

This year marks the 70th anniversary of Joker, one of the most popular interior wall paints in Finland. Joker’s story began in 1953, when PPG Tikkurila – at that time known as Schildt & Hallberg Ab – introduced the domestic and waterborne Joker interior paint to the paint market.


水性装饰涂料在 20 世纪 50 年代的面世,无疑掀起了一场革命性的理念创新。在此之前,人们别无选择,只能使用传统的溶剂型涂料来涂刷内墙。



Yki Nummi and the origins of the Joker color card
Yki Nummi 与皇冠约克内墙漆色卡的推出

Yki Nummi was known as a lighting designer, but he was also a respected expert on color. Nummi worked for PPG Tikkurila between 1958 and 1975, and he was in charge of the factory’s color service. He participated in the product development of an innovative color mixing system, the result of which was the creation of the Joker color card.
Yki Nummi 是著名的灯光设计师,同时还是备受尊崇的色彩专家。在 1958 年至 1975 年期间,他在 PPG Tikkurila 任职,负责为工厂提供色彩方面的服务。他负责领导个性化调色系统的产品开发,成功推出了皇冠约克内墙漆色卡。
The Joker paint brand was initially available in 12 light shades, which included different shades of grey, yellow and red along with green, blue and beige. By mixing white Joker paint with these colors, it was possible to create an endless number of new colors.
皇冠约克内墙漆品牌最初提供了 12 种颜色供消费者选择,其中包括灰色、黄色、红色、绿色、蓝色和米色等颜色。将白色的皇冠约克内墙漆与这些色浆混合,消费者就能随心调配出无数种新色彩。

A modern paint that meets today’s environmental requirements

Over the decades, Joker has been updated as new, more efficient and safer raw materials have become available. Joker meets current-day environmental requirements, but its adhesion and durability have remained first-class over the years.
Joker has been granted several eco-certifications: the Nordic Swan, the EU Ecolabel, an M1 classification for low emissions as well as the Allergy Label. These acknowledgments support our aim of developing products with the lowest possible environmental impact.
皇冠约克内墙漆已获得众多环保认证:北欧白天鹅生态、欧盟生态标识、芬兰 M1 低排放环境标识以及芬兰防哮喘/防过敏协会认证。这些环保认证为我们开发对环境影响最小的产品提供了有力的支持。
After 70 years as a frontrunner of the paint world, Joker is as popular as ever.
皇冠约克内墙漆已在涂料界引领风潮长达 70 年,其卓越的表现一直深受用户的青睐。

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